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Shipping Update January - February

Hello everyone! Thank you for your concern about current shipping times, know that we're just as concerned as you are during this time.

Pure Breed believes in not only healthier pet eating habits, but sustainable, eco-friendly products - with this in mind, we also make sure to eliminate as much waste as possible. Our products are sourced directly from Pure Breed suppliers overseas, meaning shipping times can be a little random during overseas holidays.

We understand this is unfortunate news, but it's important to also respect our suppliers during this meaningful holiday period. This will be a time to reconnect with family, friends, and culture.

Orders placed between January 10th - February 5th may experience different shipping times. This only means your items could be shipped slower than others. Once an order is placed, we can only cancel when your item has arrived. Please refer to our 15-Day refund policy listed at the bottom of our home page.

Pure Breed understands waiting can be a pain, but we ask to please be respectful of our suppliers holiday.

Due to the delays, we would like to offer everyone an extra 10% OFF by using code "CNY10"

Thank you for your understanding, and we just know you will love our sustainable, eco-friendly products, as much as we do.


- Zack, Pure Breed Founder

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