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Who Are We?

Trying to find that purrrfect feeder? The most pawesome bowls? Pure Breed set out to do one thing - offer simple, eco-friendly pet supplies that you AND your furry friend (or friends) will LOVE. We want all pet parents to have unique choices for their ever-so unique friends. Pure Breed products are designed with health and sustainability in mind. We believe in healthy eating habits for all animals, big or small.


Pure Breed then saw another opportunity, promote healthy eating habits AND promote Eco-friendly spending habits. It's the old saying "You get what you pay for" that speaks to us because it's not about the price for Pure Breed, it's about creating a better Eco-system for the Pet Community.

Here's the facts, over 70% of households in the US are pet owners... 70%! You could safely assume that more than 55% of those households are also using the same destructive and wasteful products that the pet industry promotes. Pure Breed is here to stop this, we hope to build a community of conscious pet parents who show the same passion towards pet sustainability as we do at Pure Breed.

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